2015, Here We Come

by scarletstarlings

Scarlet Starlings

It’s a fine new year.

There is so much possibility ahead. So far, we’ve been playing with some new people, gingerly anticipating applying for festivals and looking forward to recording and gigging.

The newness of it is so enticing – like a shiny silver coin (which used to mean something when we were kids, but now? Can you even buy anything for less than a pound?). So many interesting projects brewing in our brains and so much great music to still be listened to – imagine that, your favourite song might still be waiting out there. Maybe you’ll hear it on July 1. Or October 22. Maybe you’re listening to it right now.

So, to give you some inspiration/enliven your day (almost wrote en-loven, which is also good, come to think of it), this is what we’re listening to on this day in 2015:

Little Green Cars – Harper Lee

Lucius – Go Home

Esme Patterson’s new album, ‘Woman to Woman’:

http://esmepatterson.com/ – It’s made up of response songs to famous tracks about woman by men. You can see her performing ‘Tumbleweed’ a response to Town Van Zandt’s ‘Loretta’ here.

2015 – fantastic. Until it isn’t. And then you can write a song about it…