Danny Green of LAISH on drums – April 13!

by scarletstarlings

We can’t contain our excitement because…er…drumroll please: Danny Green will be wielding sticks for us at the Hootenanny on April 13.

For those of you who don’t know, LAISH is Danny’s amazing band – he’s just made £6,869  with an indigogo campaign raising money for his new album. Check out a beautiful video of ‘Learning to love the bomb‘ – one of the new songs from the album to see what he’s been spending it on…

What with it being practically Sara-Mae’s birthday as well, it’s a great time to come and celebrate Spring with us. Plus there are no less than three cracking new songs!

Of course, the sheer majesty of it can’t be captured by mere words. Here’s a lovely picture of what we think Danny will look like drumming for us:

Danny G drums