Working on a new album!

by scarletstarlings


You may be wondering where the hell we’ve been? Wandering the streets of London, a faraway look in our eyes, the stains of old spag bol dinners marking our shirts?

Well, yes.

But also, we’ve been beavering away at a *brand new album*. Obviously it’s hard for you to be as excited as us about this because you haven’t heard the cracking tunes we’re cooking up but…mmm this is going to be good. With lyrics about lonely millionaires, having stones for eyes and one song called Mouths are Moths, we think there is something for everyone. From er…lonely millionaires to mouthy moths.

We’ve just had the incredibly talented Mike Siddall, violinist with double Ivor Novello nominated folk-pop collective The Leisure Society, laying down some sick violin for us as well. It was a bit like someone giving you a Lamborghini and a long stretch of road…

Concocting an album is one of the best parts of making music and we are having




To hear more about our progress, follow us on Twitter or listen to our early tunes here.