Sara-Mae’s new Indiegogo fundraising page is up and running

by scarletstarlings

Sara-Mae has been beavering away for over two years, preparing the first two seasons for a brand new podcast company she’s hoping to launch…with your help.

“Fable Gazers was developed to produce crafted narrative podcasts with our own special twist. We plan to build stories from fact and vice versa – all with a journalistic edge and sense of fun that will inspire obsession in people who adore podcasts. If that’s you, and you love podcasts like This American Life, Serial, S-Town, then help us by donating or passing this page link on to your friends. We need your help to edit, produce and release our two podcast series.”

Along with using a wealth of great music from incredible artists like Danny Green of Laish, Kristin McClement and Emma Gatrill, the Scarlet Starlings themselves are going to score some of the future pods…a prospect which is very exciting.

So, if you have a tenner to spare and love podcasts, why not check out the page, donate and share.

Go to the Fable Gazers Indiegogo page to find out more.


The starlings