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Our debut CD is pressed and ready

Scarlet Starlings debut CD front

We’re bursting out of our boots with excitement about the new cds! They arrived this morning in two large boxes. We were hesitant to rip open the ‘Fragile’ tape (what if it looked horrible and cheap? All that work for nothing….!!)

…but they looked fantastic.

The art is by Cathy Tuson (80% of the band member’s mother). We love the ‘suuumbolism’ of the bird (is it in or out of the cage? Is the cage an imaginary construct? Is my life a cage? Aaaargh *brain explodes). We invite all interpretations as well as lengthy academic treatises in exchange for free copies…

Kudos and big sloppy kisses to Chris and his team at Demo Master HQ. They were super efficient (I don’t believe they ever sleep. I sent about 80 ridiculous and pernickety emails on a Saturday and they answered every one – and all without a trace of snark – miraculous!). Plus, and more importantly for bands and musicians out there; they were the best value.

So feast your eyes on the new album and if you fancy a copy, come to our album launch on April 24 @ the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green. Otherwise the digital version, alas not quite as gorgeous, being intangible…will shortly be available on Spotify, iTunes etc.

Much love darlings,

From the starlings

Scarlet Starlings debut CD back


Anyone Can Say I Love You – the video

Who needs big budgets and slick production? A lot of laughter, tears (from laughter) and sneezing (you won’t believe the dust in an old wooden house) was involved in the making of our new video for the single from our up and coming debut album – Anyone Can Say I Love You.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. We’ll soon be sharing some ridiculously funny out-takes too.


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