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Can Art Save You?

We’re looking ahead to our next project! This time, it’ll explore art and how important it is in our lives, especially in the wake of the pandemic. We’ll be doing an exciting collaborative project with a group of artists and creators, highlighting the importance of creativity in nurturing our souls and hearts!

The premise is: Can art save you? Sara-Mae and her band Scarlet Starlings set out to write a song that could actually save you… well, in a mental health sense. And while we’re at it, we ask other artists to create a piece they hope can save someone too. Do you think art has this sort of power? AmyBaker thinks so. Enjoy this gorgeous teaser she made with the gorgeous Urte Ugne Juodvirsyte.


Montauk visualised

Sara-Mae has put some pretty visuals to the first finished track from our up and coming album. We’ve got the video bug and can’t wait for the rest of the songs so we can make some more…

Download the track on Soundcloud 

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