New songs by part-time Starling and full-time legend, Simon Tuson

by scarletstarlings

Although we have honourary non-family member Starlings (the gorgeous Amy and Khalid on drums and bass respectively), we just want to take a moment to honour and respect the genius of shadow Starling Simon Tuson. Brother to Sara-Mae and cousin to Talitha, Simon has the fiery blood-juice of the band running through his veins, and occasionally joins us on stage.

Recently, he and some of the other Starlings got together to perform some co-written and more personal stuff of his and the results were delicious. So good, in fact, that they brought tears to our eyes and reduced us all to pools of gloopy marshmallow. Simon, you rule, buddy.

There were four more where this came from but for now take a lil’ listen to this:

She’s Mine