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Danny Green of LAISH on drums – April 13!

We can’t contain our excitement because…er…drumroll please: Danny Green will be wielding sticks for us at the Hootenanny on April 13.

For those of you who don’t know, LAISH is Danny’s amazing band – he’s just made £6,869  with an indigogo campaign raising money for his new album. Check out a beautiful video of ‘Learning to love the bomb‘ – one of the new songs from the album to see what he’s been spending it on…

What with it being practically Sara-Mae’s birthday as well, it’s a great time to come and celebrate Spring with us. Plus there are no less than three cracking new songs!

Of course, the sheer majesty of it can’t be captured by mere words. Here’s a lovely picture of what we think Danny will look like drumming for us:

Danny G drums


New songs by part-time Starling and full-time legend, Simon Tuson

Although we have honourary non-family member Starlings (the gorgeous Amy and Khalid on drums and bass respectively), we just want to take a moment to honour and respect the genius of shadow Starling Simon Tuson. Brother to Sara-Mae and cousin to Talitha, Simon has the fiery blood-juice of the band running through his veins, and occasionally joins us on stage.

Recently, he and some of the other Starlings got together to perform some co-written and more personal stuff of his and the results were delicious. So good, in fact, that they brought tears to our eyes and reduced us all to pools of gloopy marshmallow. Simon, you rule, buddy.

There were four more where this came from but for now take a lil’ listen to this:

She’s Mine


Clarence Park Festival here we come!

Starlings are off on a road trip up north to play at the wonderful Clarence Park Festival in Wakefield. With plenty of Starlings family members living nearby we’re hoping to have a few friendly faces in the crowd beaming back at us.

On top of that the line up includes some great local acts (did we mention it’s totally FREE?). Here’s hoping this yucky weather reverts back to the lovely sunshine we’ve been enjoying.

Playing alongside us are many wonderful bands, this is our top pick of people to look out for:

Described as “One of Manchester’s finest imports” by XFM, go and see Turrentine Jones‘s brand of retro rock with a slick beat that catches you unaware.

Also, we’ve been listening to the marvellous Black Casino and The Ghost whose gorgeous female vocals from Elisa Zoot float above a sea of dreamy electro.

Tall Poppies – This sexy duo have lovely breathy vocals with a slight rockabilly twist.

Pink Diamond Revue – Atmospheric electro wonderment…

Come along and see if you agree with us. We’re on at 3:20pm so get there and grab a beer.

Thanks very much to the Wakefield Music Collective who are a dedicated bunch of volunteers who put all this together our of sheer love.

Address: Clarence Park, Denby Dale Road, Wakefield, WF2 8DH

You bring the unicorn, we’ll bring the rainbows!!


The Starlings


Summer’s here and the time is right

First up, we are extremely excited to be headlining at the amazing New Cross Inn. Famed for punchy, exciting gigs, we’re sharpening our talons and beaks and getting ready to ‘braaaaang it’. We’re on quite late, but as it’s a Friday, come let your hair down. To all our South of the river friends…finally, this gig is just for you. 🙂

Friday 10th July 2015 New Cross Inn – 323 New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AS

We’ll be joined by a fabulous bunch of people including:

Ali Warren has played in numerous places and his gorgeous lilting tunes and sweet vocal will grab you and not let go. See him playing at Sofar Sounds here.

Also playing will be Blueprints of the Heart (, Richard Spence
( and Hannah Jarrett-Scott ( See the Facebook link here.


Then, run by the Wakefield Music Collective, the Clarence Park fest is the longest running, community-supported FREE Music Festival in Yorkshire. We’re so excited to get to play in the wonderful city (and the fact that one of our sets of parents lives there is just an added bonus). More updates on the fab other acts to follow…

Saturday 25 July @ 3:20pm Clarence Park Festival – Clarence Park Bandstand, Denby Dale Road, Wakefield

So come catch us as we fall from our comfy nests,


The Starlings

Is that a dagger I see before me? Nope, it’s a guitar.

Join us for an amazing gig by Block Porter Promotions

When? 24 June
Where? The Macbeth in Hoxton, 70 Hoxton Street, Shoreditch N1 6LP
What time? 7pm

block porter gig poster

Come and join us for an amazing gig at The Macbeth on 24 June. As usual, there will be some wonderful musicians playing alongside us. People like the marvellous Laura Riganti, who you can listen to here:

Nick Aslam is a singer songwriter from the Midlands and you can hear him busting out a groove here:

STINA is a lush voiced songstress whose beautiful song ‘Call the Guard’ has had us tapping our toes:

Sylva Kay has a way with a gentle melody and an unusual voice which stays with you. Listen to her here:

Mel Syl is a dab hand at covers, listen to her highly nuanced take on this Sara Bareilles cover “Gravity”:

Should be a great night and at only a fiver, it’s a bargain.

x the starlings

Veta Records presents: HAWK + Scarlet Starlings + Special guests

We are tremendously excited to be playing with HAWK at The Waiting Room on April 29.

In a gig put together by the fabulous Veta Records, a London-based independent label who represent critically acclaimed artists like Adam Cleave, we’ll be indulging in decadent noir folk sounds.

HAWK recently released their new EP, ‘Clock Hands’ and now you too can come and listen to what Subba Culture calls their “fusion of ambience and power”.


Lead singer, Julie’s voice has a gorgeous lilt to it…check out their intriguingly mysterious new video and watch her be unburied alive on a beach:

We know you love us already (natch) but we sometimes like to have tangible evidence of this in the form of FB likes. What can we say, sometimes our fragile egos require you to tell us that you love us.

After all, Anyone Can Say I Love You! but very people actually mean it.

So here’s the FB event page.

Where? The Waiting Room, 175 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 0LH London, United Kingdom

Time: 7:30pm


See you all there for a truly amazing night!

x the starlings

Why we write love songs

Valentine’s day is blooming and before the frost of unrequited love or stale chocolates or Tesco’s discount carnations can send you reaching for the vodka, we recommend that you reach first for your Spotify/iTunes fix.

Listening to love songs with a bad case of the broken hearts could be seen as a masochistic exercise, but hear us out. Or rather listen to what Elliot Smith, Bon Ivor, Roy Orbison and Neutral Milk Hotel have to say about it. It’s bound to be better than sending that ill-advised drunken text to your ex.

Not all of these songs are happy, mind. Love isn’t all about fluffy candy floss and sometimes we get spinach in our teeth or bad breath in the morning. Some of the best love songs embrace the brokenness of love, how it can rip you to pieces before putting you back together again.

And, of course, we’ve put Bon Jovi’s Bed of Roses on there as well because we know what the people want. And we give it to them.

Check it out here: Valentine’s playlist 

Otherwise here are some video samples:

Scarlet Starlings – Anyone Can Say I Love You

Elliot Smith – Say Yes

Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats

Skinny Love – Bon Ivor

Gino Paoli – Senza Fine

David Bowie – As the world falls down

So why do we write love songs? Maybe it’s about reaching for the common experience. Our favourite love songs just articulate what we’re feeling so much better than we can. We all go through heartbreak in our lives, just like we all (unless we’re very unlucky or have really bad B.O., in which case do something about it, fool) experience the bliss of being stuck on someone. Sometimes a love song is the only prescription for what ails you.

Here are some quotes about it from some people who might know more than us:

John Lennon
: “We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.” (Right on, John.)

Billy Joel: “Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts.” (Sing it, Billy.)

Victor Hugo: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” (Preach, Vic.)

Maya Angelou: “Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.” (Yup. Indeedy, Maya)

Nick Hornby: “It’s no good pretending that any relationship has a future if your record collections disagree violently or if your favourite films wouldn’t even speak to each other if they met at a party.” (Hey, we listen to Bon Jovi ironically, OK?)

Whether you celebrate it with whips and chains ala 50 Shades or a nice box of chocs or a trip to Paris or hastily written card, make sure you spend it with someone you love. Or really like, like.


The Starlings

Gorgeous gig poster for Softly Softly gig

15Feb softly softly Isn’t it pretty? We’ll be featuring some new musicians on the day, including Khalid Ham on bass. Khalid showed up one day and wowed us with his bass skills. We plied him with tea and compliments and he’s agreed to stick around. Come and meet him and say hi to the rest of the band at this remarkably intimate and warm event run by the lovely and talented Annie Windley. We’ll be playing with Bity Booker ( and Robert Lane ( both of whom will wow you with their acoustic stylings. Hope to see you all there…

The Starlings x

2015, Here We Come

Scarlet Starlings

It’s a fine new year.

There is so much possibility ahead. So far, we’ve been playing with some new people, gingerly anticipating applying for festivals and looking forward to recording and gigging.

The newness of it is so enticing – like a shiny silver coin (which used to mean something when we were kids, but now? Can you even buy anything for less than a pound?). So many interesting projects brewing in our brains and so much great music to still be listened to – imagine that, your favourite song might still be waiting out there. Maybe you’ll hear it on July 1. Or October 22. Maybe you’re listening to it right now.

So, to give you some inspiration/enliven your day (almost wrote en-loven, which is also good, come to think of it), this is what we’re listening to on this day in 2015:

Little Green Cars – Harper Lee

Lucius – Go Home

Esme Patterson’s new album, ‘Woman to Woman’: – It’s made up of response songs to famous tracks about woman by men. You can see her performing ‘Tumbleweed’ a response to Town Van Zandt’s ‘Loretta’ here.

2015 – fantastic. Until it isn’t. And then you can write a song about it…


Scarlet Starlings début album launch set for 1st June 2014

Scarlet Starlings are very happy and proud to release their debut album on the 1st June 2014. It was a long journey as we’re sure anyone who has attempted such a feat will know and we are very (very) much looking forward to celebrating a year of work.

The album launch party will be at held at The Gallery Cafe Bethnal Green on the 24th April 2014, presented by Folklore. Facebook event.

The album will be available for purchase from Bandcamp, and digital versions via iTunes, Spotify and more.

Purchase links to follow on the 1st June.

Scarlet Starlings debut album out June 1st 2014

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